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We are the auditors for several First Nations. We take pride that we do our work and release financial statements on or before the end of July deadline. We charge no greater than our quoted amount unless there are very serious reasons for so doing and we advise our clients in advance. We work with our clients throughout the year so that we are organized, efficient and on schedule for the April, May, and June months.

Selecting, installing and supporting a computerized accounting and information system requires a combined set of skills. The CPA, CA designation assures you of a strong accounting background. In addition, our staff has extensive computer training and experience. Throughout our accountant career, we have the skills to ensure that your accounting system provides you with cost-efficient, practical systems that maintain audit controls and give you the information you need.

We prepare personal income tax returns for people with businesses or advanced tax requirements or for clients for whom we do corporate work.

No matter what type of accounting assignment we are engaged to do, we try to be as proactive as you will let us in helping build your organization. Your success does not depend on how good you are at finance, accounting, bookkeeping, and tax planning. We become involved as business partners with our clients and provide specialized skills.

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