Things To Do In Coquitlam, BC On A Rainy Day

When you want something to do in Coquitlam that is family friendly, such as bowling, rich puppeteering, participating in an escape room, or even climbing a gym in Metro Vancouver, we have ten reasons for you to take your family to Coquitlam on those rainy days.

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1. Go Higher and Higher

If you want to burn off those extra calories, get a great workout, and ensure your kids will be exhausted by the end of the day, you should try indoor rock climbing. During those winter months, the kids will enjoy the ability to be active at Climbase 5 in Coquitlam. It is Metro Vancouver’s biggest indoor climbing gym. Try this out when you are looking for things to do in Coquitlam on a rainy day, too.

2. Line them Up, Knock Them Down

Cosmic Bowling at Zone Bowling in Coquitlam is a whole new bowling experience. Use bowling balls that glow in the dark and black lights that make everything shine. You can choose between five and ten pins in each alley you bowl in. Plus, you’ll have complete access to the arcade and pool tables. Don’t forget to get your grub on from the many restaurants in the concourse.

3. Don’t Be Sad About Winter

An escape room is a great way to spend time with a group of your friends. You will be locked inside a place until you solve the mystery with the clues provided in the allotted time. Countdown Escape Rooms and Trapped are two to explore.

4. Enjoy The Theatre

Watching the performing arts is always a fun way to spend time, especially at reasonable prices. Your pay is determined by your budget and what you can afford to part with. Bring your family to see Sleeping Beauty Dreams at the Evergreen Cultural Center. It starts on February 9th. The ECC can be found at Lafarge Lake-Douglas SkyTrain station.

5. Playground Inside

Crash Crawly’s lets you express your inner child. It has everything a kid could want for entertainment and fun including laser tag, mazes two stories high, glow-in-the-dark mini golf, ball pits, slides, miniature train rides and more.

6. VIP Movies

Why not take in a movie in style and finesse? With big, comfortable chairs, you can relax while watching a movie. Or you can sit in an exclusive seating area and eat while you wait, as long as you are 19 or older. This can be something for the family or a date night. The Cineplex Cinemas Coquitlam & VIP even has a licensed lounge area.

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7. Your favorite Hockey Game

Are you a hockey fan? A perfect outing for you would be at the Poirier Sport &Leisure Complex. You can drink a sweet, refreshing beverage as you watch the Coquitlam Express. You’ll experience the energetic game the BCHL has.

8. Skating On Ice

Another activity at the Poirier Sport & Leisure Complex is ice skating. Pretend you are a part of the NHL, as you glide across the rink. When you are finished, use the whirlpool, steam room, and sauna to bring back the warmth to your body.

9. Shopping With A Drink

The Coquitlam Centre offers over 200 stores for you to shop in. It is only a few feet away from the Lincoln SkyTrain Station. As you buy, venture over to the first brewery of Coquitlam, Mariner Brewing. They allow you to sample several of their drinks such as IPA’s ales, and Weisse beer. If you don’t have a taste for alcohol, cider is always on tap.

10. A Wave Pool For You

The City Centre Aquatic Complex has everything a water lover would enjoy. They are wave pools, as well as a lazy river, so you relax right on the water. Other features include slide and rope swing, lap pool, whirlpool, steam, and sauna. It is located across from Lafarge Lake-Douglas SkyTrain station.

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